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April 2003 Circulation 2,625
Current Conditions Gulf of Mexico

Gulf Lobster and Richard Daniel
Richard Daniel's Big Bug

Warming Up! Gulf temps are in the 70 - 72 degree area, and the Gulf should be warming up everyday now. It is still wetsuit weather so stay warm

The annual southern run of fish has started and most of my spearfishing buddies report "limiting out" on grouper, hog fish and mangrove snapper.

Vis is good depending on the wind, so let's go diving!

Additional info at:

Crystal River
Manatee at 3 Sisters
Manatee at Three Sisters

There are still Manatees at Crystal River. But the heard moved out earlier this month. There are 50 or in the park all year round, but you have to look a little harder to find them.

Additional info on manatees at: and

Palm Trees ~ Marathon Key Florida
Palm Trees Marathon Key
See Keys report below.

The Gang!
Happy Campers
See Keys report below.

I have cancelled the Advanced Open Water Class scheduled for April 12th. Open Water Class is now available on that date. May 17th is now scheduled for Advanced Open Water Class.

April 5th and 6th, Open Water Course.
April 12th and 13th Open Water Course.
April 26th and 27th Open Water Course.
Private classes available during the week.
Divemaster course available throughout April and May 2003 

and for additional information.

Former students may go diving on training days for tune-ups and fun ($30.00 per person)

Coming in June
Cozumel Mexico.

Report March Keys Trip 03/07 to 03/17/2003

Glenica on Sundeck of SeaScat/ Sunsation
Glenica on Sundeck of SeaScat/ Sunsation

I was going to write a report on our trip to the keys but a picture is worth a thousand words, and this letter from one of our participants says it all. Additional photos at


Dear Capt. John.

I've been home several days now and, call me crazy...I haven't been able to get over the beauty and warmth of the Keys. Thanks a lot for making this trip the best vacation of my life. I also wish to say THANKS for taking care of me in the water when I needed it most and for making me get back in even when I did not think I could. I would not have missed a minute of it. (No more Mudslides before diving for me!!) Most of all thanks for the laughs and the smiles. It was just what I needed. You guys are the best! The John and Ben Show was a riot and I hope we can all get together again this summer. I'm hooked on diving like a bad drug.

As I sat here this morning bundled in jeans and a sweat shirt hugging my coffee mug for warmth I decided to check out the job opportunities in So. Fla. There is an opening in my field. Hmmmmmm... What are your thoughts? Think I could survive down there? Would you guys visit often?

I'm enclosing some pictures from the trip, some good, some so-so. I hope they make you smile too. ... Take care and stay in touch.


Glenica Sywensky (Sugar) 03/18/2003

Photos at


Gear Maintenance and Annual Service! The official dive season begins in May, usually the busiest month in this state for the dive industry. With that in mind it is now time to get your dive gear in shape for the season. Get your gear into the shop now and avoid delays caused by a busy May.

Regulators and BCDs should be annually serviced to maintain their warranty. Remember that dive gear is life support equipment and that it should be treated as such.

Proper cleaning after use is important in maintaining your gear. Here are a few tips.

Rinse the bladder of the BCD with two cups of warm soapy water after exposure to salt water. Better yet, use fabric softener in place of soap, it is pretty close to the same formula as Salt-X and cuts salt better than soap. Blow up the BCD and swoosh the solution around good. Hang the BCD upside down so the cleaning solution will soak the power inflator valve. Leave it overnight. Drain the cleaning solution, rinse with fresh water, slightly inflate and store. Once in a while use a diluted bleach to clean the inner bladder of mildew. Check the power inflator often, make sure the power button does not stick to avoid runaway inflation. Clean or replace as necessary.

Regulators should be cleaned with fresh soapy water after all dives. DO NOT SUBMERGE the first stage, the dust cover CAN NOT prevent water from getting into the first stage. Second stages and consoles can be soaked. NEVER press the purge button of the second stage while washing or rinsing... water can get into the hoses and into the first stage. If you are unable to clean your gear, keep a bottle of Windex in your gear bag and spray down your gear with it. Don't forget to clean the low pressure hose, the valve inside can corrode and cause the BCD to slowly fill. Listen to the power inflator before you dive to check for leaks.

Take an equipment maintenance course. Maintain your gear. Have it serviced annually

Other News

Luxfer announces trade-in program for 6351-alloy scuba tanks in the United States.

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (December 9, 2002)—Luxfer Gas Cylindershas announced a new scuba tank trade-in program to enable owners of older Luxfer scuba tanks manufactured in the U.S. from 6351 aluminum alloy to trade in their tanks and receive credit toward the purchase of new scuba tanks made from Luxfer’s proven, proprietary 6061 alloy. Luxfer will implement the simple four-step program outlined below on January 1, 2003. The program will end on December 31, 2003. This is a limited one-year offer!

  1. To determine whether your Luxfer scuba tank is made from 6351 aluminum alloy, check the original hydrostatic test date (the earliest date) stamped on the crown. (Look for a month/year combination, such as 3/75.) If the stamped year is 1972 through 1987, the tank is made from 6351 alloy. A limited number of Luxfer scuba tanks were also made from 6351 alloy during the first half of 1988. If you have a 1988 tank with an original hydrostatic test date of 6/88 or earlier, Luxfer will assume that it is a 6351-alloy tank and issue an RG number. Tanks with an original hydrostatic test date of 7/88 or later are made from 6061 alloy and are not eligible for the trade-in program.
  2. Call the Luxfer Customer Service Department toll-free (1-800-764-0366) and report the number of 6351-alloy tanks to be exchanged. A Luxfer customer service representative will ask you for the model number, serial number and original hydrostatic test date for each tank, as well as your return mailing information. The representative will then issue you a returned goods (RG) authorization number and tell you how to ship tanks to Luxfer in order to receive a special $50 credit voucher for each tank.
  3. Send your 6351-alloy scuba tanks directly to Luxfer’s plants in Graham, North Carolina, or Riverside, California (whichever is closest).
  4. Luxfer will mail you a $50 voucher for each tank. You may redeem these vouchers toward the purchase of new Luxfer 6061-alloy scuba tanks at any participating dive shop or retail store.

Remember, this limited program will only be available during 2003—so don’t delay!

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