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Current Conditions Gulf of Mexico

Ben's Big Hog
Capt. Ben's Big Hog!
Hunter's First Catch!
Hunter's Catch

Hot! Gulf temps are in the 80 - 85 degree area. Bring a bath robe! We have been having some of the best vis in years for this time of the year. The rains have caused some problems with vis and high seas, but we are still getting out every week. Fishing in shallow is still slow. Try 65' or deeper for the big ones.

I went diving on last month North of Anclote in the 45' area. The Big Rocks, Vermount area for those of you that have been diving with me before...

Vis was 15' to 20' the current was ripping out of the North, on the backside of Vermount, we found lots of Mangroves and Hogs. Capt. Ben took an 8 pounder biggest one we have taken in that shallow (45')

Captain Richard Daniel's son, Hunter did well on his first spearfishing trip. See photo left.

Additional info at:


Scallop Season Opens!


Yummmmm! Scallops!

July 1st, 2003, Scallop Season Opened!

Record scallops from Homossassa to Steinhatee, Florida indicate a great opening season for Scallops.

Scallops are one of the most delectable foods to come from the sea. They are so rich that a little goes a long way.

Scallop Bag Limits

2 gallons whole or 1 pint of meat per person per day, no more than 10 gallons whole, or 1/2 gallon meat per vessal anytime

The most productive way to catch scallops is with mask, fins and snorkel. Drifting along, the snorkeler looks for scallops in patchs of seagrass. Sharp eyes help pick up the shiny paired eyes lining the scallop's interior mantel. Being towed behind the boat on a snorkel sled, using a glass bottom bucket are other methods of locating scallops (Sleds and Buckets available from Aquatic Adventures dive shop).

What you need to scallop:

  • Saltwater Fishing License
  • Mask, Fins, Snorkel
  • Mesh Bag
  • Diver's Flag or pull Flag with float. Caution Flag sizes have changed.
  • Polorized Sun Glasses.

I will be booking Scallop Trips from July to September 11th when the season closes. Full boat with guide $250.00 or $60.00 per person, 6 hours of fun!


Crystal River


Student photos of Manatee
Manatee at 3 Sisters

Manatees! There are still Manatees at Crystal River. But the heard moved out earlier this month. There are 50 or in the park all year round, but you have to look a little harder to find them. I always find manatee!

Additional info on manatees at: and

Student photos of manatee.

Take lessons this month or the kitten gets it!
Don't make me do it!

July 5th and 6th Open Water Course.Snorkel/Dive 7/6/03
July 10th Scallop Trip. Ozello, Fla.
July 12th and 13th Open Water Course.Snorkel/Dive 7/13/03
July 19th and 20th Open Water Course. Snorkel/Dive 7/20/03
July 22nd and 23rd, 2 day Wreck Course. Gulf of Mexico!.
July 26th and 27th, Open Water Course. Snorkel/Dive 7/27/03.

Private classes available during the week. Gulf Dives and Scalloping Available everyday!

Rescue and Divemaster course available throughout JulyAugust 2003 

and for additional information.

Former students may go diving on training days for tune-ups and fun ($15.00 per person, plus cost of dive, if applicable)


$25,000 Lobster Challenge!


Dear fellow Diver,

We would like to introduce you to the 1st Annual $25,000.00 Florida Lobster Challenge. The FLC is a Lobster Tournament for the Florida two-day mini season. The tournament will start at 12:01am on Wednesday July 30th and run until 5:00 pm on Thursday July 31st.

The FLC will take place in all waters covered by the Florida Sport Season, State Wide. Divers can participate anywhere in the State of Florida.

All divers must pre-register prior to the start of the event. You can register at or by calling 1-800-908-DIVE.

Species are limited to the Florida Spiny Lobster, Panulirus Argus (Caribbean spiny lobster), the Lauvicauda (smooth tail spiny lobster), and the Guttatus (spotted spiny lobster)

Weigh-in will be held at SCUBA Works in Jupiter Florida.

The single Grand Prize of $25,000.00 will be awarded to the diver who weighs in the heaviest Florida Spiny Lobster caught during the tournament that meets or exceeds 16.00 pounds in weight.

There are eleven other prizes totaling over $7,000.00 to be awarded to the heaviest lobsters not claiming the $25,000.00 grand prize. They will include:

  • 1st Place: Peter Hughes Live aboard trip to the Bahamas
  • 2nd Place: Complete set of Sherwood Dive Equipment
  • 3rd Place: $1,000 cash
  • 4th Place: $500 cash
  • 5th Place: $250 cash
  • 6th Place: JBL Magnum Spear Gun w/ silencer package
  • 7th Place: One Pair of Atomic Split Fins
  • 8th Place: One-Year Annual Membership to SeaTow
  • 9th Place: Xcel Wetsuit
  • 10th Place: Akona Dry Duffel Bag
  • 11th Place: Akona Mesh Backpack

Plus many more prizes from SCUBA Works, Akona Adventure Gear, Atomic Aquatics, The Crab House Restaurant of Jupiter, Planet SCUBA, Deep Sea Images, SeaTow, SCUBA Schools International, Sherwood SCUBA, Wellesley Inn and Suites of Jupiter, and Xcel Wetsuits.

You can dive anywhere in the State of Florida covered by the Florida Spiny Lobster Sport Season and still participate in this tournament. You can register online at or by calling 1-800-908-DIVE. Entry fee is $35.00 dollars and will include entry into the tournament w/ eligibility for all prizes, Tournament T-shirt, Dinner at Awards Party for one (alcohol not included) (Dinner for guests available at additional charge), Entry in the door prize drawing, Two free air fills from SCUBA WORKS and one bottle of mask defog.

So make plans to dive for the big one during Mini-Season and possibly come away with 25 Grand!!!

For more information go to or call 1-800-908-DIVE


Why Capt. John is not a Prejudice!
This is Humor! (in case you are an idiot like Eric)!

Eric Wrote: I came across your website in researching a trip to Florida. In looking through your site I thought your trips looked interesting and was considering contacting your (sic). That was until I read your page on bottled water. (See Newsletter Article! While I agree with the first part of your statements, what began as a plausible cause quickly degrades into a vulgar ranting about idiots, "faggots", and Swiss and French-bashing. I just wanted to let you know that at least in this case, you have lost business because of it. Please do not reply. I am not interested in starting a dialogue. I simply wanted to make my point so that you might reconsider what you are trying to accomplish with your website; promote your business or your prejudices?

Capt. John Wrote: Dear Eric, That is a rant and is considered humor.... You obviously have no sense of humor! You probably are an idiot.

Asking me not to write to you shows a lack of respect for anyone with thoughts or humor that differ from yours. Why did bother writing in the first place? Did you want to pick a fight and run away? How French of you!

If you believe in the Bible.... We all came from Adam and Eve, so we are all Hebrew. If the world flooded we are descendants of Noah, and we are all still... Hebrew. So I am Hebrew.

Russell is a Norman Name, French. The Normans (French) and the Saxons (German, Swiss) are the fathers of the English Race. So I am Hebrew, French, German, Swiss and English.

Luke Russell was born in Lancastershire England 1669, Died in St. Mary's County Maryland in 1729. I am a 6th generation descendant of Luke's, so I am Hebrew, French, German, Swiss, English and American.

My great, great, great granddad on Mom's side was named Hearn, and the Hearns are from County Cork, Ireland. So I am also Irish. He married a Saux and Fox Indian woman in Oklahoma. So I am Hebrew, French, German, Swiss, English, American, Irish and Native American!

Genetic scientists have discovered that we all have a common earth mother through our common DNA. She came from Africa and was probably black. So I am Hebrew, French, German, Swiss, English, American, Native American, Irish and Black African.

There were probably some idiots and faggots in my family tree as well..... (Noah's son Hamm may have been "funny")!

Bottom line is.... I can bash my own people and heritarge without the fear of being called a bigot or prejudice!

Anyone who thinks I can't, Eric, can kiss my Hebrew, French, German, Swiss, English, American, Irish, Native American, faggotty, idiotic Black African Butt! Eric, feel free to write me back, folks like you amuse me. "Shine on you crazy diamond"! - Pink Floyd
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Sick Humor ~ Fishing Ain't so Bad!

Origami Boulder! Now this is a great Internet Idea, wish I'd thought of it!

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