PADI Sucks

Up yours, PADI!

PADI Sucks

We the people vs Corporations. It's time for a change. Corporations are not people.



Here's the lie. http://www.padi.com/scuba/about-padi/PADI-history/default.aspx

Here's the truth.

PADI - The Professional Association of Diving Instructors Investors. There are no members, no vote, no association.

5. In the 80's PADI ceased to be an association of dive instructors. Cronin and Erickson made PADI a for profit corporation and the 'so called members' no longer owned PADIm, had a vote or any of the profit$.
Memberships in PADI ended then.

4. PADI is a publishing company that publishes training courses and ID cards. There are no members.

3. 2006 PADI Co-Founder, Ralph Erickson Passes Away Ownership sold to a Hedge fund
PADI is a ship off course
. There are no members at the helm. PADI is now run by the Hedge fund of corporate bureaucracy, binders of women, bean counting bankers
. Cheryl Gilmore (cheryl.gilmore@padi.com); Linda Vanvelsan (linda.vanvelsan@padi.com)

2. PADI is a Publishing company There are no members. 'The Lincolnshire team (Hedge fund)is hoping to help PADI expand into Asia.' Just what we need jobs/products for/from China! More overseas investments...I don't think so!

1. Corporations are not people, they are Monsters that suck. PADI Sucks.

PADI does not like 'freedom of speech' or 'Due Process'. PADI put Capt. John on 'double secret probation' and 'unfriended him'.

Capt. John says PADI SUCKS ~ http://www.scubatampa.com/padi_sucks.html

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Cheryl Gilmore is as Crazy as a Fruit Bat Bat !



Up yours, PADI!
PADI Sucks!

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